Senior PTI leader passes away in Karachi

Notable public figures offer condolences.

Karachi, 15th Feb 2020: Senior PTI leader and advisor to PM Imran Khan Naeem Ul Haq, today passed away in Karachi after a long illness.

According to reports, he was battling with the last stage of cancer and finally God granted his soul and he was put to rest today.

Naeem Ul Haq was a close friend of the ruling Prime Minister, Imran Khan and was involved in Party Affairs since its early days, and attended cabinet meetings actively.

It is a great loss not only to PTI but also our country. On the occasion, PM Imran Khan has expressed his grief over the tragic loss, which he states is an irreplaceable void.

Moreover, notable public figures have shared their condolences with the loved ones of the deceased and senior anchorperson, Mubasher Lucman, is one of them.

Baaghi TV also expresses our condolences to his family and pray for his maghfirat. May the departed rest in peace. Ameen.


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