SereneAir and CAA putting lives in danger


SereneAir operated its first international cargo flight (OPKC ZSNJ) on May 22, 2020 from Karachi, Pakistan to Nanjing, China.

The flight returned back to Karachi from Nanjing, China via Dhaka, Bangladesh (ZSNJ VGHS OPKC) on May 23, 2020.

According to details, the flight departed from Jinnah Intl, Karachi at 7:00 in the morning. As per the details of Baaghi TV, breakfast was served with only limited number of water bottles for the flight crew and other accompanying staff members. However, it is to be noted that the flight duration was approximately seven hours.


CAA Mafia Exposed

The cockpit and cabin crew were not provided lunch or dinner till next morning except for two 500 ml water bottles each. Moreover, flight and ground crew were refused to give entry into China without an entry visa.

Flight handler agent, Mr. Jackie, took approximately four hours and returned with the information that Chinese immigration has refused to give entry to flight and ground crew into China without a proper visa.
Meanwhile, the crew had no choice left than to declare layover within the aircraft keeping in mind the Flight Duty Time Limitations (FDTL) by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

As per the details, the ground electricity facilities (air conditioning and stairs) were provided for only five hours and removed at 23:30 (local time). After removal of ground support, the crew was left with no other option than to use Auxiliary power unit (APU) till next morning with two hours ON one hour OFF.

PIA: Massive corruption in flight operations

PIA Officials Cause Losses Worth Millions……

PIA slapped with a massive fine of over PKR 7 million

Captain Zaheer, Director Flight Operations (DFO) SereneAir, is a friend of the Director Flight Standards (DFS) Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA), Captain Rafatullah.

DFO SereneAir, along with DFS PCAA, has put the safety of the aircraft, its crew and cargo in jeopardy by keeping the flight crew in the aircraft for more than 30 hours. SereneAir and PCAA willfully planned an illegal flight knowing that without a valid visa no one is allowed to leave the aircraft with COVID-19 procedures enforced.

Around three months ago, due to the negligence of Captain Zaheer, a SereneAir B737-800 was refused permission to enter Iran airspace and the aircraft had to land at Ankara while coming from Istanbul to Karachi.

No official investigation by SereneAir or PCAA again was carried out to find the cause as DFS PCAA Captain Rafatullah and DFO SereneAir Captain Zaheer willfully violated the safety concerns.

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