Shahbaz Gill assured ‘No one is above the law in PTI govt

ISLAMABAD, Jul 29 (APP):Spokesman for the Chief Minister of Punjab, Dr Shahbaz Gill Monday assured that the process of accountability will continue without any discrimination and no one is above the law in the country .

Talking to private news channel, he said that with regard to Irfan Siddiqui case, the govt under the honest leadership of PM Imran Khan would provide justice to every citizen of the country without any discrimination because its state’s responsibility to treat everyone equally.

Replying a question, he said the former ruling PML-N and PPP political parties now opposition parties have been blackmailing from the very first day of the PTI government and wanted to spread chaos by blaming the government for discrimination.

He further said that former PML-N govt in its last five years ruling period had misused national exchequer in the name of security.

PML-N corrupt rulers are afraid because every day new things emerge against them. Ongoing cases in courts against the opposition were framed by both the PML-N and PPP against each other, adding it was ironic that both of them were allies today.

PTI-led Imran Khan’s government was the first government in the history of Pakistan which did not interfere with the working of any state institution.

He said his party believed that independence and empowerment of the institutions was crucial for the continuity of democracy.

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