Shaheed of fifth Generation warfare

Quetta (6th Nov, 2019): Afghan Intelligence Agencies abducted and then killed Patriotic young social media activist from Baluchistan.

Those who talk fifth generation warfare would insist that war’s nature has changed and we are now fighting a different kind of war. It’s not just about fighting on the battlefield. There are no distinct zones of war and peace. It blends the kinetic with the non-kinetic, i.e., politico-economic warfare, sub-conventional and conventional warfare, low-intensity conflict, lawfare, diplomacy, cyber war, and now even fake news and other digitized interventions.

Pakistan is facing serious threats of fake news and propaganda about its sovereignty and armed forces, those who are fighting against these fake news and propaganda are soldiers of 5th generation warfare.

Now the battlefield is the social media and many of Pakistanis are voluntarily taking the ground so well that Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh was compelled to ask Pakistan to stop destroying India through its digital activities. Ghausllah was also among those who fight for the sovereignty and dignity of his country and army.

18 years old sayyed Ghaousallah was resident of Quetta’s Shaikh Manda. He was Social media Activist and was famoused for his love with Pakistan.

Ghaousllah was kidnapped at 12am on August 14 from a street nearby his house. The family received a call from the kidnappers, who demanded Rs25 million ransom. The kidnappers’ caller ID showed that they were calling from Iran.

Ghaousllah’s family negotiated with the kidnappers over three or four phone calls, after they finally decided to pay a ransom of Rs5 million.

Their last call was made from Afghanistan, where the family sent the money. Law enforcement agencies believed that he was abducted by Afghan Intelligence Agencies because of his love with Pakistan.

It was also revealed that the deceased’s father was kidnapped earlier but was later sent home after Rs4.5million ransom was paid.

After three months of his abduction his dead body was founded on Monday night from Killah Abdullah.

Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan took notice of the issue and met with the man’s father and relatives.

CM Khan condemned the murder and offered his condolences for their loss. “All possible resources will be provided for an investigation,” he said.

The family ended their protest after the chief minister assured them that the people behind the killing will be punished.

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