Shaheen Chemist Owner Links with PMLN

ISLAMABAD (24th Nov, 2019): The owner of counterfeit medicine dealers Shaheen Chemist, is Sheikh Daud who is the Vice President of PML (N).

According to reports of Baaghi TV, famous Shaheen Chemist raided by Islamabad Customs on Saturday. They reportedly recovered huge quantity of fake food supplements and fake medicines. On top of this, packing and stamping of “made in USA” were caught by custom officials. Sources of Baaghi TV have confirmed that FIR against Shaheen Chemist to be registered soon.

Moreover, sources have also confirmed that the owner of Shaheen Chemist is Sheikh Daud who is the Vice President of PML (N) Islamabad.

These fake supplements may harm your health in unimaginable ways. Be clear that, more than 200 people died in Pakistan after taking a contaminated heart medication in 2011. A strict action should be taken against the culprits.

We at Baaghi TV demand that dealers like Sheikh Daud should be behind bars for playing with the lives of innocent people.


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