Shahid Afridi urges people to practice humanity even in small gestures

May 6, 2021: Former national cricket captain Shahid Afridi has demonstrated to everyone what politics is and what humanity is.

BaaghiTV: Shahid Afridi said that it is easy to sit back and enjoy your comfortable life when Allah has blessed you with everything but what makes a person complete are good deeds. He said that the satisfaction he gets from going to them people and doing something for them, whether he solves their water problems or build hospitals or give rations, this satisfaction is so great that it cant be expressed in words.

He said that the real politics is to serve others. The minds of our politicians are different. They understand politics as something else. Politics is made a business. Our religion is being used for politics. Religion is being used for business. It has happened that politics means giving the right to the rightful.

Shahid Afridi said, “I request all of you to help the poor as much as you can this month. May Allah give us life and help the poor. There are so many people around us. Go to God’s settlement. New Karachi. People are in trouble. When you go, see your family. Buy shoes for poor children and put them in the car. Just take shoes for them.

Shahid Afridi said that we have just taken the rations as well as the shoes. He said the little children are walking barefoot on the hot sand, on the rocks, on the broken glass and on the glass and the privileged classes are giving the food to their own children. He said everyone should spare at least some of what they have been blessed with to go to areas where people are starved of bare necessities and to go and see to their needs.

He mentioned and incident where he was making a child wear new shoes and another one next to him saw this and started crying after which Afridi approached the second kid and saw that there were three thorns in his feet. He took them out and made him wear new shoes. I can’t put you into words. The children then excitedly told their mother that they had new shoes and that is what Afridi decribes as the best feeling in the world.

Shahid Afridi said that the happiness of this child has done a small thing. He said he had not done any big deed by putting shoes on the feet of the child. These small virtues are so acceptable in the sight of Allah. You do not know only from prayers and fasting. You can become a claimant of paradise, you will get paradise, by the grace of Allah, if you get paradise, you will not get paradise without it, you serve the humanity of the people, then paradise is confirmed, you serve the humanity of the people.

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