‘Shameful India’: Pakistani Hindus React to Verdict in Ayodhya Case

LAHORE (10th Nov, 2019): Pakistani Hindus have come up against India over Ayodhya case verdict.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Pakistan Hindu Council has criticized the Ayodhya case verdict announced by the Indian Supreme Court. They declares it a shameful decision.

Senior Pakistani Hindu political leader, Dr Ramesh Kumar has stated that it is such an embarrassing decision by the Indian Supreme Court on the blessing eve of the 12th Rabi ul Awal.

Pakistani Hindu Politician Claims India Is Unsafe

Moreover, senior Pakistani Hindu political leader, Dewan Sachal, claims India is not safe for its minorities.

Reportedly, the Indian Supreme Court on Saturday ordered allotment of alternative land to Muslims for setting up of a mosque in the Ayodhya dispute case.

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