Sheeba Park now a Desolate Place: Mian Haroon Masood

"[In the absence of Sheeba Park] I feel myself deserted, lost, disturbed, perturbed and too exasperated", claims Mian Haroon Masood.

The DHA Sheeba park situated in sector y close to McDonald’s, is now a desolate place. For long it is seen and known to be one of the the most attractive parks for walkers from all shades of life. To those who live in a close proximity find it very convenient to avail themselves of this unique opportunity.

In winters one could be seen with a hot cup of coffee hanging out with walk mates laughing away to glory. The only time when one could shed ones worries and distress, absolutely chilled out amongst the group’s which have been there for decades now.

I am a DHA resident, and have had the privilege of coming to the park for almost twenty years. Now it’s gone. It’s not there any more. To our dismay it’s over several months that we have not been there. Truly I feel myself deserted, lost, disturbed, perturbed and too exasperated. Alternatively I have tried going to different parks but all in vain.Those parks pale in comparison. I represent almost a large group of DHA settlers who have been restrained from coming there anymore.

They aĺl seem to be raising their voices too. A facility of this level must stay as such. I request the DHA which is pretty much resourceful, that it should restore the park to its lost glory. Community development also means taking care of their happiness too. After all everything boils down to a person’s, for that matter, a settlers joyfulness.

We have a lot of memories attached to it. It is for the esteemed high ups to reconsider the start up of this park which is in ruins for contemptible neglect. Winter is setting in. Beautiful time to start all over again. The authorities must take upon them to open this facility as soon as possible. I hope my voice would not go unheeded. This is a collective voice, which should not fall on the deaf ears of the authorities. This is a pearl whose beauty attracts all and sundry.

There is a galaxy of people who make a major bulk of those coming to the park. We have people from armed forces, civil superior services, political circles, judiciary, business community and of course the literate thronging the place ever since its establishment. By opening up the park you would win the hearts of many. I hope it starts soon.


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