Sheikh Rashid accused of coercing PGGA to vacate, contempt petition set for hearing

According to Baaghi TV, a contempt of court petition against Sheikh Rashid has been fixed for hearing in the Supreme Court.

A three-member bench headed by the Chief Justice will hear the case on December 15. According to reports, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid is accused of forcing an evacuation on the land designated for the Pakistan Girl Guides Association (PGGA) and adding it to the hospital.

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At a hearing, the Girl Guide’s lawyer told the court that Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid and his nephew Rashid Shafiq wanted to evacuate the Girls’ Guide headquarters. Former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar had issued an order to the Rawalpindi administration that the land of Girls College was on a 99-year lease but, despite the court order, Sheikh Rashid and Rashid Shafiq have been pressuring PGGA administration to vacate the land.

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According to reports of Baaghi TV, the girls and their trainers are receiving threats, and all their activities have been stopped. Sheikh Rashid told the DC over the phone that he does not care about the court order.

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During the hearing, Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq had remarked that the Punjab government has become an occupation group. As reported earlier by Baaghi TV, there is a clear order of the court, that no one will be allowed to occupy the land of the Girls Guide. Justice Ejaz-ul-Haq added that Sheikh Rashid Shafiq should stay within his limits.

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The Supreme Court had barred the Ministry of Railways from using the land leased to the Girl’s Guide, restricting it to the use of the Girl’s Guide only.

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It should be noted that Sheikh Rashid and his nephew Rashid Shafiq had demolished the wall of the Girls Guide School in Rawalpindi to evacuate it. A contempt of court case was filed against them by the PGGA because the Supreme Court had ordered the lease of the girls’ school land on a 99-year lease.

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Reaching out to Ms. Maria Maud, who has been associated with PGGA Rawalpindi for a long time, Baaghi TV learnt that while the Government of Pakistan talks about empowering women and the progress of society they are failing to execute those thoughts. PGGA which strives to provide young girls and women with a safe space to exercise their rights and potential is one such example, where Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government is failing to provide support for the rights of their female citizens.

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