Sheikh Rashid invites PM Imran khan to inaugurate Sir Syed Express

Minister of Railway Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has met Prime Minister Imran Khan and invited him to inaugurate Sard Express.

Federal Minister of Railway, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, has met Prime Minister Imran Khan in the Assembly Chamber. While talking about ongoing development projects and budget in Pakistan Railways, Sheikh Rashid told Prime Minister about the Rawalpindi Karachi new passenger train. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed invited the Prime Minister for the inauguration of Sir Syed Express on 30th June, Sir Syed Express will reach karachi, from Rawalpindi station crossing faislabad.

Sheikh Rasheed said that on June 30, the Express train will be inaugurated, Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate it and Prime Minister will also travel in the Express train. Sheikh Rashid Ahmad further said that WIFI will be provided, Reservation Office remained open for 24 hours which helped earn 40 crores.

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