Sheikh Rashid to share an intelligence report with PM Khan on PDM’s Long March

Lahore, 16th March: The Home Minister will have an important meeting with the Prime Minister today to discuss the important matter of the long march by the opposition alliance.

Baaghi TV: According to reports, Home Minister Sheikh Rashid will have an important meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday to discuss the steps to deal with the issue of the long march.

According to reports, an intelligence report will be shared with the Prime Minister.

Earlier Baaghi TV reported that the opposition alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) will take a final decision on the long march and resignations from the assemblies at its meeting today.

In this regard, there are reports that Maryam Nawaz spoke to her father Nawaz Sharif in which the final advice about the resignations was given. Maryam Nawaz will convey Nawaz Sharif’s message to her allies in the session today.

According to reports, PDM has a plan to incite violence in the long march. There is also talk of holding a long march in front of GHQ including Islamabad.

How to deal with opposition parties in such a situation and what is the government’s plan for this? What are the reports of the agencies? How much risk can be to law and order? The Home Minister will share everything during his meeting with the premier.

The meeting today between the Prime Minister and the Home Minister is considered very important in which the intelligence report of the agencies will be presented.

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PDM to take a final decision on Long March today