Shoaib Akhtar and other media celebs have something to say about Hania Aamir!

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Lahore, 6th June: Celebrities in Pakistan have come out in support of actress/model Hania Aamir after her recent controversy made it to the headlines.

Baaghi TV: Recently, Hania Aamir’s video with young singer Ashir Wajahat went viral on social media after which netizens expressed their anger over her frank moves with the young artist.

Hania Aamir shared a long note on her Instagram account and called out at people for bullying her and using derogatory language.

Regarding the controversy, singer Asim Azhar also shared a funny meme on Twitter and wrote ‘Alhamdulillah’ in the caption, while posting a laughing emoji.

After Asim Azhar, a well-known sports personality, Shoaib Akhtar shared a message on his Twitter handle, which left the fans in a dilemma as to whether he has come out in support of Hania Aamir or not.

Without naming Hania Aamir, in a message on Twitter, Shoaib Akhtar wrote, “There are many important things happening in this world, brothers, sisters, children, and influencers. Talk about them too.”

Meanwhile, famous actor and TV host Fahad Mustafa has also expressed his displeasure on the way actresses are being taken in the industry. He wrote, “If you don’t like anyone, stop following that star, don’t criticize them or bully them.”

Singer and actor Ali Zafar penned down a heartfelt message in support of female artists in the country. He encouraged Hania and advised her to stay strong.


After this support for Hania Aamir by fellow artists, Asim Azhar shared on his Twitter handle where were all these people one and a half years back when I needed support. People criticized me badly, but I remained silent and steadfast.

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