Shockingly no staff to treat coronavirus patients in Indian hospitals

Lahore, 5th, May: Coronavirus patients are dying in India, the staff is missing from hospitals.

Baaghi TV: With the current devastating situation of coronavirus in India, hospitals neither have doctors nor medical staff, patients are suffering and there is not a single paramedical staff to see them.

The Modi government has left the people dying helplessly due to the coronavirus. The people of India are dying in hospitals without any system or medical facilities.

The reports of deaths of COVID patients due to lack of oxygen in hospitals are increasing day by day.

An Indian journalist Kareem Khan shows a video of the worsening situation in a hospital on his Twitter account.

He said that the Indian government has consistently failed to provide oxygen supplies to hospitals. While the international medical aid received by India has not yet reached any state or hospital.

An Indian news website has asked questions about where did the 300 tons of medical aid go that arrived at Delhi Airport in the last five days?

A Delhi Airport spokesman had reported that thousands of oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders and remedial injections had arrived on 25 flights from around the world.

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