Shop owner shot dead during robbery

Karachi (26th Oct, 2019): A man was killed during a robbery at his shop in New Karachi on Friday night.

According to Karachi Police Officials the victim, identified as Kamran the shop owner, was shot by robbers. His brother Farhan was injured in the incident.

Four robbers entered the store in New Karachi Industrial Area Sector 5-F. They arrived on two motorcycles and stole Rs500,000.

When the brothers tried to the alert the police by making noise, the robbers opened fire.

Three of the robbers fled on one motorcycle while the other on foot. They left one motorcycle at the crime scene in front of shop. Police take that motorcycle in custody and start searching bike owner. The New Karachi police are now checking the licence plate. They also found two 30-bore pistol shells at the scene.

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