Shortage of flour and petrol, citizens disturbed

Saturday, Jun 13th: According to the details, shortage of petrol is still prevailing at petrol pumps in and around Pholnagar city.

Apart from providing petrol of Rs.1000 per vehicle, they are also receiving more than the fixed government rates. Similarly, flour is still missing from the market. Shopkeepers have stopped selling flour for fear of administration raids, fines and registration of cases. It is said that how can a bag be bought for Rs. 950 and sold for Rs. 820 while the owners of flour mills say that wheat was not available even at Rs. 1800 per quintal yesterday.

This is the reason why most of the mills are closed due to loss. It is not the fault of the poor shopkeepers. At the current price of wheat, the shopkeepers cannot sell a 20 kg bag for less than Rs. 1000. While according to the government the price of 20 kg bag has been fixed at Rs. 820. Zami officials force shopkeepers to sell flour at government rates. They face lawsuits and humiliation, including heavy fines, for disobeying orders. But they are forced to buy flour