Should Pakistan surrender to Israel? Jerusalem Post quotes Pakistani journalist


Lahore, 19th November: Pakistan’s prominent journalist and anchorperson Mubasher Lucman believes that Saudi Arabia is pressurizing Pakistan to recognize Israel as a state.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, senior anchor Mubasher Lucman’s statement has been quoted by the leading Israeli news website ‘The Jerusalem Post’, which reported that Pakistan’s leading journalist thinks Islamabad is being pressurized by Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel as a state.

The Jerusalem Post claims that the dangers and concerns raised by the Pakistani journalist are noteworthy.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Mubasher Lucman gave a historic interview to an Israeli news channel 24 News, saying that Saudi Arabia is a country that is putting pressure on Islamabad to recognize Israel.

The Jerusalem Post quoted Mubasher Lucman’s statement that says Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stated that the United States and other unnamed countries have put Islamabad “under pressure” to recognize Israel.

According to the newspaper, Mubasher Lucman says, “I have no doubt that Saudi Arabia is the first to increase pressure on Pakistan. There are only four countries that can increase pressure on Pakistan. One is the United States, the other is Israel, the third is India and the fourth is Saudi Arabia. There is no fifth country that is bargaining for Pakistan’s surrender to Israel.”

Mubasher Lucman said in his interview that Pakistan will not accept any pressure to surrender to Israel especially in the presence of the current Prime Minister Imran.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Lucman outlined the region’s complex geopolitical situation, as well as its evolution in recent years.

While Pakistan is facing pressure on the one hand and on the other hand there are many sympathizers of Pakistan in the form of China, Iran, Turkey and Malaysia, in these circumstances the pressure on Pakistan is of no importance.

Mubasher Lucman said that Pakistan currently has strong political leadership in the form of Imran Khan who never comes under any pressure. Pakistan will never compromise on its ideology, he said.

Lucman also revealed in his interview to the Israeli leading news channel that in the third year of Donald Trump’s rule, Pakistan was under a lot of pressure to surrender to Israel, but Imran Khan did not care.

He informed that the Prime Minister’s statement that he is under pressure to surrender to Israel is only with respect to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia tried to use Pakistan’s economic situation as a card, which Imran Khan rejected.

Mubasher Lucman also said that the US President-elect Joe Biden will also increase pressure on Pakistan to surrender to Israel, but it is certain that Imran Khan will never compromise on his ideology and Pakistani position.



That is why Pakistan has decided to return the aid given by Saudi Arabia to get rid of the pressure and Pakistan will soon return this 2.2 $ billion to Saudi Arabia and throw away the pressure.

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