Sigh of relief

The temporary relief by our honourable courts is like a shower of rain with its mesmerizing petrichor spreading all around for at least another six months. The court has certainly averted the ensuing turmoil.

There is no compromise on principles.

Now whats going to happen next? Meritocracy has to be the order of the day, if we want to see a perpetuity and democratic dispensation done by these institutions, all matters should then be dealt with on merit.

Imran Khan is now confronted with a daunting task, for he will seek congruence over matters pertaining to amendments and changes in law and will have to garner support from all parties across the board. His tweets after the judgement to this effect that the opposition has yet faced another staggering blow is ill timed which is not going to help. He should rather openly reprimand the members of his own team to dilute this murkiness and acrimony thus created by those irresponsible.

Imran Khan is not the Prime Minister of PTI but, the PM of Pakistan. He will have to take other parties into confidence. Remember, a judicial overreach is always a causal factor for an under reach as far as discharging obligations by a civil administration is concerned.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Now to make changes in the law, a simple majority in the Parliament will be required. As for changes in constitution a two third majority is needed. As if it were not enough the Senate too is disproportionately divided making things more complex for the ruling elite. With all such uncertainties looming over, he may have to look for mega support. He has his sword of Damocles hanging over his head. It is therefore, advised to have an atmosphere which is seen as too congenial. Time for atonement if you can’t possibly ask for forgiveness.

The former Chief Justice, Mr Jamali, is of the view that the honourable Supreme Court had only done what it ought to have done guided by the very tenets of law. The law being the guiding principle in this regard. The judiciary has saved the country from yet another big crisis. The Government has six months to rectify all faulty procedures.

Interestingly enough after the British left India and after the founding of Pakistan, the appointment of the chief of the Army staff, continued on with the same traditions as left by the British. No body ever challenged or thought of making changes thereof. The changes could have been incorporated in the constitution of 73.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Sometimes some important matters are simply missed. Sometimes deliberately but sometimes through an act out of inadvertence. Thanks to enlightened community for bringing such pending matters of utmost importance. They seem more desperate for the power weiders in taking all the corrective measures and to remove all ambiguities. It is and has been a brazen wrong comitted on part of the Govt. Officials. This immaturity is unpardonable. The contemptible neglect on part of the principal officer is nerve shattering. The undeserving lot who are there through favoritism must go. There are instances where the job of a baker is being carried out by the butcher.

A thorough revamping of departments is long over due. I am afraid, we spend more time on damage control than any constructive tangible work which could be performed with real gusto. Government running is not a child-play. Men of substance are required rather than a change of faces which is nothing more than gathering chairs on the upper deck of a titanic.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader


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