Sikh community celebrated Independence day with zeal and fervor

Sikh community also celebrated Independence day with zeal and fervor along with other Pakistanis and chanted slogans, Kashmir banyga Pakistan on Wednesday.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Sikh community actively celebrated Independence day along with other denizens of Pakistan and send a strong message to the India and world that we are united, we are a single nation. Sikhs also chanted slogans Kashmir banyga Pakistan.


At the central ceremony to celebrate Independence day held in Nanka Sahib, Sikh community members of all age participated. Be it child, young and old aged members of Sikh community, they all participated in the ceremony held at Nanka Sahib. Sikh community vowed to fight till last drop to blood for the defense of their motherland and will not let anyone to look at our beloved country with bad intentions.

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