Exclusive: Mubasher Lucman expresses solidarity with Kashmiris on Independence day

Senior journalist and anchor-person Mubasher Lucman in exclusive talk with Baaghi TV expressed solidarity with innocent Kashmiris on the eve of the 72nd Independence day of Pakistan.

Mubasher Lucman said, ”Today being the 14th of August, that’s the Independence day for Pakistan. We all love Pakistan, we are proud of Pakistan. We are proud of sacrifices we render for Pakistan so that we could live up freely. As I speak,  there is serious amount of escalations and tensions at the Line of Control (LoC) as the Indian troops are firing, unprovoked firing and they are busy trying to escalate tension over there which comes as a surprise to me because they have too much on their plates right now.”

He further said, ”After the forceful annexation of Kashmir, which the whole world knows about and there are big question marks over the legitimacy and of course that will be proved when Pakistan goes to International Court of Justice (ICJ) and United Nations (UN). But it’s primarily a failure of UN. The United Nations is failed to implement it’s own resolutions over the past 70 years.

He added, ”Obviously that [forceful annexation] deprives the poor Kashmir people of their legitimate right and freedom and large numbers of massacre that is going on and huge amount of atrocities committed by Indian security forces in the scenic valley of Kashmir. I don’t know  why is everybody silent on this.

I often confront a question on social media, Twitter and Facebook, whenever I travel out of Pakistan. People ask me if we are a fundamentalist society and I say no India is a fundamentalist society. Somehow people always laugh at that because India has this image of biggest democracy in world. Never in the history of Pakistan, any religious party has won enough votes and seats to form the government in Islamabad.

There have never been a right wing religious party that won mass polls to form a government where as in India you have BJP over there and this is the third time they have come over there and if you look at the region, Pakistan is one country devoid of fundamentalism. Coming of popular vote, majority of people of Pakistan want real democracy over here and they want real image of Pakistan to be going around. The real image is a soft image; Pakistan is not ruled by fundamentalist. We have always voted for those parties who do not aim at winning the religious votes. They are a part of democratic system but very insignificant part. But if you look at the India, RSS is over there, BJP is over there but the funny thing is Indians don’t know the history of the RSS.

RSS was formed in 1925 and they are not a part of the freedom movement of the Indians. Vajpayee gave an affidavit to be part of Colonial India under British rule but today RSS has pushed back all those who stood for India and all those who made India possible. India as we see it today has a very tarnished image. It is not the image of a secular society , not the image of the secular country. The media over there is controlled by RSS, courts are totally in control of the RSS and BJP. The rule of law is embattled over there and we keep on getting videos through social media. A mob of 10 to 15 people are getting together and targets s person who looks like Muslim and we see the worst example of mob lynching and it has happened to children, women and aged persons.

On 14th August, there are hundreds of prisoner who are under age. Children are languishing in Indian jails on charges that they throw stones at the Indian security forces in Kashmir. A big question for Indian today is how long they are gonna hold over the curfew in Kashmir. The moment the curfew will be lifted, alarm bells will start ringing for PM Narendra Modi and that will be shocking for PM Narendra Modi.

He concluded, ”I would like to request every one who is part of international community , International journalists community to come Pakistan and see the ground situation on their own. One team can visit Pakistan, one team can visit India, and the same team to visit Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) first and then Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) to see the differences on their own.”

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