Sikh community’s referendum on Khalistan 2020, Veena Malik makes big announcement


According to a report by Baaghi TV, Veena Malik said that India is currently bringing unconfirmed reports through think tanks. The gist of the report is that Pakistan is behind the Khalistan Referendum 2020, the Sikh movement in India.

Veena Malik said that hearing this statement, it has become clear that this report is a disgusting look toward India’s attitudes. Reuters claimed that the Khalistan movement was of no importance. “I would like to ask how it is decided that it is of no importance, why India has banned human rights activists if this movement is not important”, said Veena Malik.

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Veena Malik further said with reference to Captain Amrinder that you have declared 200 Sikh campaigners who are participating as rebels. Why were they charged as traitors? What will happen to the demands of the farmers of Punjab and Haryana, who are demanding a separate state?

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Veena Malik further said that Sikhs are a very brave and courageous nation. I would like to tell the world that when India’s war of independence was fought, the Sikhs took an active part in it and made sacrifices. Now those same Sikhs want independence from India?

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“Is it possible that the Sikhs who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India will now retreat when it comes to their freedom? Not at all, at this time the Sikh community needs all the Punjabi brothers. We should support the Khalistan movement’s 2020 referendum”, said Veena Malik.

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