Sikh Farmers’ Protests: How the volunteers are playing their part?

New Delhi, 26th January: The Sikh volunteers on the Farmers’ Unity Front are carrying out their duties with enthusiasm in New Delhi, India.

According to the Baaghi TV report, thousands of farmers are protesting for the ‘Kisan Ekta Mahaz’ (Farmers’ Unity Front) and have been standing in front of Modi government for several months despite the severe weather, cold and fog.

The farmers have arranged their protests in a very organized manner. All the volunteers participating in the protests are doing their duties heartily.

According to reports, Lucky Singh, a Sikh participant in the farmers’ protest shared that his duty is to clean the protest area so that there is no stench and people are not bothered afterwards.

An Indian journalist by the name of Arun Dev reported through his Twitter account that the Sikh volunteer was doing his job with enthusiasm and said that if he is given any responsibility for this great cause, he is ready to fulfil it.

Dev also reported about the transgender community reaching out to help the protesting farmer in the Indian capital.

While quoting the Mallu Kumbar, Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum, Dev shared, “We have cooked 3kg pulav for the farmers, with our community’s help. We (transgenders) too have suffered under this government. So, it was important that we come in support our of farmers when they are suffering.” – Mallu Kumbar, Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum.”

According to Indian media, farmers who had been protesting against agricultural laws on the New Delhi border for several months entered the capital. The farmers on Tuesday started a tractor rally from the Delhi border on the occasion of Republic Day.

The police tried their best to stop the farmers from entering Delhi but they broke all the barriers and entered the capital.

Police charged batons and fired tear gas shells at the farmers at the Ghazipur border when they entered the capital, but failed to discourage them.

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