Sikh Protests in New Delhi get out of control

New Delhi, 26th January: Sikh protests in New Delhi are getting out of control of Modi’s government.

Baaghi TV: With the increasing intensity of the farmer’s protests, Delhi Police has been ordered to deploy Rapid Action Force. At present, the farmers are in Delhi and moving towards Nogo area.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has been given free hand to handle the situation. 

Indian forces are constantly trying to stop the protesting Sikh farmers from moving forward. According to recent reports, a farmer has been shot dead by Indian forces in today’s protest.

The police have now been given more control and authority to handle every kind of protesters.

According to Indian media, farmers who had been protesting against agricultural laws on the New Delhi border for several months entered the capital on Tuesday. The farmers started a tractor rally from the Delhi border on the occasion of Republic Day.

Despite the police threats, the farmers broke all the barriers and entered the Indian capital. They crossed the route of the parade and ignored the order of the Delhi Police.

Police charged batons and fired tear gas shells at farmers at the Ghazipur border as they entered the capital, but failed to discourage them.

Upon entering the capital, the farmers were very enthusiastic and chanted slogans. The tractor parade was greeted with flowers at several places in Delhi.

It may be recalled that the farmers’ protest against the Modi government’s new agricultural laws has been going on since last year and every attempt at dialogue between the government and the protesters has failed so far.

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  1. samir sardana says

    It is time for Diplomats to pack up and exit India.Delhi is the place where a Romanian Diplomat was kidnapped and to date no one caught the culprits

    Unarmed Sikhs on the “red alert security day”, for India (26th January) hijacked the RED FORT,and HOISTED their flag on the Red Fort Dome and Pole !

    What would be the outcome on a normal day ?

    Indian INT had inputs on all the org and members and their cell numbers etc.,with 24X7 surveillance,drones,human int and jammers – AND STILL 100Os of farmers REACHED THE RED FORT !

    Some walked and the minimum “break out time” to reach the Red Fort would be 30-45 minutes – and the worthless Indian state,did NOT EVEN have the ability to BREAK THE LOGISTICS SUPPLY CHAIN.

    The Indian Nitwits did NOT EVEN think that a flag hoisting on RED FORT was possible – although it was announced by a Sikh Leader in USA.This is the pathetos of India.

    The morons could NOT EVEN block the tractors on the way to the Red Fort ! Two 40 foot containers with 20 tons each placed in PARALLEL WOULD BLOCK THE TRACTORS for good. Instead the Indian bozos placed 1 empty container and no other container in parallel !

    Of Course , the Sikhs would have WALKED TO RED FORT – but even there the Indian clowns COULD HAVE EASILY STOPPED 1000 people ! But the Indian clowns were outnumbered (although the drones would have been watching the crowd movement) !

    The so called peace rallies by the farmers and skirmishes with the police – WERE ALL A DIVERSION to make the Indian State believe that the farmers were doing a token show !

    The Diversion worked ! THE DISASTER !

    The Indian Tehrir has begun !

    In the next crowd surge,if a group of 500 people move to the Indian Diplomatic enclave ………………..

    Many Arabs and Pakistanis and Afghans with a beard can pass off as a Sikh !

    The IDEA of India is over ! dindooohindoo

    Foreign Diplomats who think that the Indian State can take on the PLA and PRC – have to 1st save themselves !

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