Sikhs protest against Operation Blue Star in Nankana Sahib

June 6, 2021: Sikhs protest against Operation Blue Star in Nankana Sahib.

BaaghiTV: Nankana Sahib, Sikhs protest against the attack on the Golden Temple by Indian forces in 1984. Nankana Sahib, the rally was attended by a large number of people belonging to the Sikh community. Rally participants held placards and banners with anti-India slogans.

It may be recalled that on this day in 1984, the Indian Army had launched an operation against the Sikhs in which many Sikhs were killed. India had dubbed this horrific campaign as Operation Blue Star. General Singh Bhindranwale, the commander of the Sikh Khalistan movement, was stationed at the Golden Temple Complex and under his leadership the Khalistan movement had its headquarters here.

To put an end to the Khalistan movement of the Sikhs, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered the Indian Army to attack the Golden Temple and attacked it with Indian artillery and tanks. General Khalil Bhandarwala, the commander of the Khalistan movement, and many of his comrades were also killed during the bloodshed.

The official death toll was 400 Sikhs and 83 soldiers, but the Sikhs put the death toll in the thousands. After the killing of Sikhs, there was mourning all over East Punjab.

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