Sindh Govt. announces month-long ban on pillion riding

Karachi, Oct. 11 (Online): The Sindh government on Sunday announced a month-long ban on pillion riding in Karachi in order to maintain law and order, as per the suggestion of the city’s police chief, says in media reports.

The notification, dated October 11, states that the provincial government has been informed by the Karachi Police chief of reports that miscreants and disgruntled elements may disturb the peace and create law and order problem in Karachi by carrying out targeted killings.

It also noted that recently, incidents of hand grenade lobbying and targeted killings of law enforcement officials and religious scholars had taken place in the city. “The government is satisfied that in order to maintain law & order and to prevent disgruntled groups elements and to avoid any untoward incident mishap, it is necessary to take immediate measures,” the notification read.

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