Singer Sanam Marvi suffering from Depression

Lahore, 12th November: Sanam Marvi, a well-known Sufi singer of Pakistan music industry, was taken to National Hospital Lahore due to ill health and doctors advised her to rest for 7 days.

Baaghi TV: However, now the reason for the Sufi singer’s illness has also come to light.

The singer revealed on her Facebook page that she had been suffering from severe depression for the past several days due to which her blood pressure suddenly dropped and she had to go to the hospital where she was kept for a few hours and treated.

Sanam Marvi also shared her photos taken at the hospital in the post in which she can be seen lying on the bed and in a wheelchair.


Explaining the reason for her depression, the actress wrote that in the last few days, my children Mustafa Ali and Warda Ali had birthdays and they were away from me. Even more troubling is the fact that the schools have just reopened, but my eldest son Bahlol Ali’s school has been closed and he has been forced to sing. This situation has put me in even greater pain.

Sanam Marvi said in a Facebook post about her nature that the truth is that I am constantly taking medicines for anxiety and high blood pressure. Today I was taken to the hospital due to anxiety and low blood pressure, where after a few hours I recovered completely, at this time I am at home and perfectly healthy.

Baaghi TV wishes the singer a speedy recovery and best of health!

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Singer Sanam Marvi admitted to a hospital


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