Sino-Iranian Relation: Implications for the U.S.


Twenty-five years cooperation agreement on last week signed between China Iran foreign ministers that can evaluate numerous things in south Asia; in June 2020, a draft was leaked to the media by an Iranian source about China-Iran co-operative partnership, which consists of cooperation in military spheres for the next 25 years, China vowed to invest a maximum of $400 billion in improving Iran’s transportation infrastructure, gas, and Oil.

Many think tanks and analysts show that the worst policies of Washington develop pressure endeavour against Iran, which pushed Iran into China’s orbit; Biden administration has sought to reopen the farmer President Trump nuclear deal in 2018 signed with Iran, US always had a harsh reaction toward Iran, In august 2018 Iranian supreme leader Khamenei stated that Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) indicates that “Iran cannot reach an understanding with the U.S., because they do not uphold their commitments.” later on, Iran banned the U.S. for negotiation, when Japan’s PM visited Iran to resolve the remonstrance between two states. The Iranian president openly scolds the U.S. president that Trump is not “worthy” in exchanging messages. In 2019, Rouhani requested Japan to convince the Trump administration to offer relief in the nuclear programme. Still, Washington adapts silent, while Washington denied providing a visa to Zarif (a top Iranian diplomat) for the U.N. Security Council meeting.

To look into the former U.S. Presidents strategy against Iran. Obama administration in 2015 signed a successful multinational agreement about Iran’s nuclear program and had expressed in his book “A Promised Land” “I left those conversations weighed down by the knowledge that if war became necessary, nearly everything else I was trying to achieve would likely be upended.” The CIA director John Brenan of Obama’s presidency wrote in his 2020 memory that deals with Iran were not only mandatory for regional stability but the strengthening of Iranian moderate,

China has always been known for its soft diplomacy; it rejected the U.S. sanction against Iran in 1980. While expressing his Iranian counterpart China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi was quoted by Iran’s state media, the relationship between China and Iran will not be affected in the contemporary situation. In a televised ceremony, he also vividly a solid and strategic relationship between the two countries. Further, Wang explained that we welcome the move of the U.S. for the Iran nuclear treaty. He said that Iran is a reliable partner and will help China in oil export.

Mohammad Javid Zarif articulated that Iran is independent in its relation with other countries. Beijing has always supported Iran in different forum stated by Zarif, like in the 2015 nuclear deal and expected to export more coronavirus vaccine to Iran, Iranian spokesman Saeed khatib Zadeh said that transportation and economic cooperation is just a “road map” for trade between bilateral “the major target would be public sectors.”. to boosts up Sino-Iranian kinship, Beijing should safeguard 2015 nuclear deal, it also seems that 70% of China’s Oil comes from abroad. Under this agreement, China will get relief in Oil and gas.

China picks up the world in its trunk for corona vaccination and has helped many developing countries in this regard. This vaccination diplomacy will help china to boost its relations with another part of the world. China would help Iran in different spheres like technical support in advanced systems, fast-attack missile vessels, radar systems, surface-to-air missiles, combat aircraft. China’s endeavour for CPEC in order to catch more stakeholders and investors to Pakistan and China’s success ambitions. Pakistan-India and Sino-Iran’s relation can bring many South Asia changes that could astonish the gulf region and the rest of the world.

A newly elected administration has to learn from the U.S. poor policies in the past and find a balanced approach toward Iran. As the Trump administration’s experience with Iran shows that pressure alone does not work in the region to implement something on the individual, the Biden administration’s challenges should look into “lengthen and strengthen both,” which could be the most vital strategy for a nuclear deal with Iran. Otherwise, like Iran, the U.S. must isolate itself in the prolonged run diplomacy.


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