Sinopharm vaccine ‘highly effective’ against Delta

Sinopharm vaccine is highly effective against Delta

Experts at the University of Sri Lanka have claimed that the Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine has been shown to be highly effective against the Indian coronavirus Delta.

According to Chinese and Gulf media reports, experts from the Sri Jayawardene University have claimed that 95% of people who have received both doses of the Sinopharm vaccine, produce as many antibodies as a patient with, the coronavirus.

“This vaccination was also proven to be particularly effective against the Delta variant. Antibody responses to the delta version and neutralising antibodies were comparable to those reported after a natural infection “On Monday, the university announced it on its website.

Additionally, 98% of people in their 20s and 40s who get the Sinopharm vaccine develop antibodies. Whereas, 93% of people over the age of 60 get antibodies.

“The upshot of this investigation is that the Sinopharm vaccine elicits similar levels of antibody responses as patients who have been naturally infected with Delta and other variations, which is extremely good,” Prof. Malavige stated.

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