Sit-in staged in Hunza, people demand justice


A sit-in has been going on for 6 days to demand the release of 14 people in Aliabad Hunza.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, the sit-in for the release of Baba Jan and his associates which started on Monday in Aliabad area of ​​Hunza continues till today.

Demonstrations were held in Aliabad and other areas adjacent to Hunza for the release of Baba Jan. The ongoing sit-in in Aliabad was addressed by leaders of the Public Action Committee, Hunza’s lawyers, Baba Jan’s family and others.

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Members of the Public Action Committee announced that if Baba Jan and his associates were not released, sit-ins would be called in the entire area, including Gilgit. Despite the bitter cold yesterday, protesters spent the night on the streets. There is no coverage of this mass protest in the mainstream media.

The sit-in in Aliabad Hunza has been going on for the last six days and it is being termed as the biggest sit-in in the history of Hunza.

The people of Hunza demand release of the innocent brothers. We cannot endure more. Gulistan Rani, the sister of Asir Shukarullah, said, “We are in sit-in. Fourteen brothers have been imprisoned behind bars for ten years under the name of Hunza. My brother was imprisoned, my younger sister who was a first year student, on May 7, 2016, when she heard that her brother had been convicted, she tried to commit suicide. The captives’ homes suffered heavy casualties. Some brothers passed away because they could not bear the trauma.”

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Another woman said, “Did anyone think it was their fault or not?” My father, an innocent, is serving sentence, why is there so much oppression happening to us? Innocent people are caught, the accused are released. For what sin are they serving this sentence? Please the government agencies should help.

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