Six Lebanese govt officials resign after Beirut explosions

Beirut: The Lebanese Information Minister has resigned, acknowledging the government’s failure to deal with the horrific bomb blast in Beirut.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, six members of the Assembly, including Lebanon’s Information Minister, have submitted their resignations. Information Minister Manal Abdul Samad said that she had informed the Prime Minister of her decision.

The Information Minister apologized for failing to benefit the people and for the government’s failure.

After Manal Abdul Samad, other members of the Assembly also announced their resignation and said that they are suspending all their parliamentary activities until a parliamentary session is called to reduce the term of the house and announce new elections.

It is believed that Lebanon is suffering from political instability after the explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut, thousands of citizens are protesting against the government, angry people had also occupied the Foreign Ministry building.

In the wake of the protests, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, in a televised address on the evening of Saturday, August 8, called for early parliamentary elections.

Despite this, public outrage did not abate and on Saturday night, protesters entered several government buildings, including the Foreign Ministry.

A policeman was killed in the clashes, and citizens blamed the government for the blast at the port and demanded their resignation.

When the two ministers arrived on the scene to inspect the devastation caused by the blast, people chased them away. The blast injured about 6,000 people and left 30,000 homeless, according to the latest figures.

The explosion in Beirut caused by a large explosion of ammonium nitrate was so severe that experts say it would not be wrong to call it a small nuclear explosion instead of a big one.

A large area of ​​the city is in a bad condition due to the blast. The intensity of the blast can be gauged from the fact that the depth of the pit at the site of the blast is 141 feet.

A recent bomb blast near the northern city of Beirut has killed at least 150 people and injured more than 6,000.

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