Smart Lockdowns across Punjab

March 15, 2021: A strategy of Smart Lockdowns has been implemented immediately across Punjab. Which will be applicable from today Market time will be until 6 p.m.Markets will remain closed on Sundays and Saturdays.

Except for these shops and 24 hours business:

1. Hospitals

2. Medical stores

3. Grocery & General Stores

4. Bakeries

5. Dairy shops

6. Fruit and vegetable shops

7. Driver hotels

8. Flour mill

9. Workshops

10. Printing press

11. Courier Services

12. Restaurant (Delivery only)

13. Call Centers (with 50% staff)

14. Spare parts

15. LPG Plants and Filling Shops

16. Meat and poultry shops

Decision to enforce Section 144 to make masks mandatory across the country. All Deputy Commissioners will be able to take action against those who do not wear masks. Fines, imprisonment or both. Rs 500 fine for not wearing mask in public places Rs 500 fine for spitting in public places.

Shopkeepers will be fined Rs 2,000 for not using mask inside shop. And Rs 2,000 fine for not maintaining social distance in shop. Also, a fine of Rs 3,000 in a bus and Rs 2,000 in a car. While a notification was issued for a fine of Rs. 500 for not maintaining social distance on rickshaws and motorbikes.

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