Smartphones are being used to combat Corona

In addition to developing vaccines against the global epidemic Corona, experts are developing devices with the help of modern technology that could prove to be effective weapons in the fight against the disease.

With this in mind, some specialists have used technology to create face masks, while others have introduced new technologies. Experts have now invented a device that can work with the assistance of a smartphone.

South Korean experts, according to reports, have created a system that can convert a smartphone into a thermometer.

According to experts, the device is comprised of vanadium dioxide, which absorbs lower red wavelengths and turns them into electrical signals, allowing the human body temperature to be measured using phone numbers.

By connecting the phone to a smartphone camera, a thermometer may be added to the gadget.

Experts believe that this trial will be beneficial in this area because thermometers have been used to check the temperature in educational institutions and commercial centres since the outbreak of the global epidemic Corona.

According to media sources, the device was developed with government assistance by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology and can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius.

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