Smog Engulfed Lahore Highlights Dangers of Climate Change

The smog has started setting in. The coming months are likely to be difficult. Especially for people suffering from asthma and other lung related deseases.

It is therefore imperative to give precedence to lung health. Some of the best foods advised therefore, are apples, nuts, coffee, and garlic. The coffee which is also known as a bronchcodilator helps to dialate the bronchial tubes to ease breathing. Hence a free passage of airway for the air. A cup of green tea loaded with antioxidants helps to soothe the throat.

Smog is caused by air pollution, a mixture of smoke and fog. The quality of air in Lahore according to Air quality index is way too
hazardous. It is the world’s second most polluted city now.

The air quality in Lahore exceeded 550 levels of air quality level two days ago.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

When sunlight and its heat react with these atmospheric pollutants and fine particles smog is caused. It has reached outrageous levels. Delhi is under a cloud.

The cloud begins to thicken with quite an unsavoury feeling. The masses are being advised to stay home for the next four days until a relative normalcy is achieved. The iconic India Gate is not seen from very close because of the much too polluted air. It is incredibly hazy. In the process of clearing the land, farmers tend to burn the stubble. One of the major contributing factors.

As for Pakistan, the same is true but we have become accustomed to this unpleasant and unhealthy phenomenon of breathing bad air. Just a day ago some reference according to (some app on) Instagram, which clearly read that breathing out in the open is equivalent to smoking 22 cigarettes in a certain given time. This is a ghastly figure. It sends a cold thudder down your body. According to NASA sightings there is this thick brown cloud seen over Indo-Pak which hovers permanently over this particular region.

The acceptability for such a vulnerability accounts for accountability. This makes both countries a common place for peculiar sort of behavioural conduct. And it calls for a drastic change. We have to cut down the scale of our carbon emissions as much as possible.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

The unregulated industrial units be warned to comply with the very set of rules that the upcoming city governments form. The effects of smog could be deadly. According to environment protection agency (EPA) too much smog could cause and aggravate health problems.

It may lead to pulmonary deceases such as bronchitis, emphysema, cardiovascular problems and even death in certain cases. An air purifier at homes or other places is a must. Masks should be worn by the walkers or the pedestrians. If possible, introduce zero carbon bill like New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacenda Arden, did recently in her country with a long list of some other robust achievements.


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