Snowfall hits Babusar Pass top and Naran

ISLAMABAD (19th Oct, 2019): In most parts of the country, the cold weather has begun to rise while the snowfall has covered Naran and Babusar Top along with the mountains of Azad Kashmir.

According to Baaghi Tv reports, the climate changes in Pakistan has taken everbody by surprise. The snow falling has been witnessed in the Northern areas of Pakistan. The Babusar Top has been covered with six to seven inches of snow so far, for which all types of traffic has been blocked.

Due to traffic blockage, tourists and residents have also been ordered to evacuate the area immediately by District management. All hotels located in the area have been closed. Heavy snowfall forecasted for the next 24 hours in Kaghan and Naran valley.

People in the Northern areas took out warm clothes and overcoats after the first snowfall of winter in Azad Kashmir and northern areas.

On the other hand, temperature also started to down in different parts of Balochistan and Kashmir, while Karachi is still witnessing hottest conditions. Over the next few days, its intensity is likely to increase further, with pollution gust.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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