Death of MAO College Professor: Suicide or Murder?

LAHORE (19th Oct, 2019): #MeToo campaign has been hijacked by some individuals for their personal vendetta.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, some individuals have used #MeToo campaign for their personal vendetta. After the false allegations of sexual harassment, people became depressive and committing suicide. In Lahore, Professor Afzal who was a lecturer at Govt MAO College Lahore has committed suicide after he was falsely accused of sexually harassing a student. This is the reason why misuse of #MeToo is a problem. Reportedly, he left a suicide note stating that his life has been wholly disturbed in personal and professional capacity as his wife has left him on claims of being an “immoral” man.

Moreover, famous Pakistani singer, Ali Zafar who had been accused of sexual assault by Meesha Shafi, also spoke out in favor of the late professor.

#MeToo: Biggest Lie of the Century

Reportedly, many people have committed suicide in the last few years, following the rise of the social movement across the globe. Mexican rockstar, Armando Vega Gil reportedly committed suicide after he was accused of #MeToo. The singer reportedly posted a suicide letter on his social media, stating that he was falsely alleged of mistreatment

Moreover, Swedish businessman, Benny Fredriksson also committed suicide after sexual harassment allegations. News of his suicide came after Sweden’s Aftonbladet printed anonymous accusations that he was a “little Hitler” who bullied staff during his 16 years as head of company.

On the other hand, many women have made false harassment allegations to attack famous celebrities. In 2018, ex-wife of American actress, Amber Heard used #MeToo to manipulate the world and demonise her husband, Johnny Depp. Depp who is a superstar in Hollywood was verbally and physically assaulted by Amber Heard after 15 months of marriage.

Former Football star Brian Banks, served five years and two months in prison for a rape he did not commit. The star football player was convicted of raping a woman who confessed on Facebook.

The rise of #MeToo in Pakistan was born with the Meesha Shaffi. Upon the courts dismissal of Shafi’s harassment case, Zafar filed a case of defamation against his colleague and long time friend.

Court Announces Verdict for Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi Case

It was reported that Shafi filed another case while Zafar’s case hearings proceeded. As per reports, Meesha Shafi’s latest case against Zafar has also been rejected by the court.

Be clear that, movements like #MeToo are the need of the hour because it has been used as an awareness program to curb crimes against women, but one should not use #MeToo campaign for their personal gains.

Hassaan Niazi claims Meesha Shafi, Nighat Dad threatening him with #MeToo movement.

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