Social media users object to seeing Mahira Khan in General Nigar biopic

Aug 31, 2021: Social media users have objected to the of casting Mahira Khan in the lead role in a film about the life of Pakistan’s first female lieutenant general, Nigar Johar.

A few days ago, the first teaser and subsequently full trailer of the telefilm “Ek Hai Nigar” about the life of Pakistan’s first woman Lieutenant General Nigar Johar was released. In the film, Mahira Khan is seen to be playing the lead role of General Nigar Johar. The telefilm made under auspices of ISPR is penned by famous author and play-write  Umera Ahmed, is being directed by Adnan Sarwar of MotorCycle Girl fame and will be aired on ARY Digital to mark Pakistan’s Defence Day.

The film is based on the life of the country’s first lieutenant general and Pakistan’s first female surgeon General Nigar Johar who was promoted to the rank of the first three star general of the Pakistan Army. Nigar Johar was also appointed as Pakistan’s first female surgeon general.

Johar spent her life working diligently in the medical field in the Army Medical Corps. She has been associated with the field since 1985.

The second teaser of the telefilm was released two days ago. At first, people appreciated the teaser of the telefilm, but now social media users have objected to casting Mahira Khan for the role of Nigar Johar.

Social media users say that when a film or drama is made on someone’s biography, an attempt is made to have a slight resemblance between the actor’s face and the person whose life is being filmed. But this was not taken into account here. Because there is no resemblance in the faces of General Nigar Johar and Mahira Khan.

Social media users say that General Nigar Johar and actress Areeba Habib have a lot in common, so Areeba Habib should have been cast instead of Mahira Khan for this role. Qaratul Ain Nadeem said that this character would suit Areeba Habib very much. However, some people also suggested the name of actress Sanam Baloch for the role of General Nigar Johar.

The role of Nigar Johar in the telefilm is played by Mahira Khan while opposite her actor Bilal Ashraf will be seen in the lead role. The film has been produced under the banner of Nina Kashif and Mahira Khan’s production company Sulfur Films.

The telefilm will be aired on private TV channel ARY Digital, but its release date has not yet been announced.

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