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According to a report by Baaghi TV, the social networking site Twitter has announced that Twitter will ban political candidates from announcing premature victory in the US elections, spreading false news to users on November 3rd in the United States. The election results will make it more difficult to stop calls for violence on its platform in the coming days.

Twitter says it will remove tweets that encourage violence or call on people to interfere in voting results. It will also remove tweets that falsely claim a candidate has won, and instead send users to the US official election results page.

Twitter says we need announcements from state election officials or public projection from at least two authoritative national newsletters that call for free elections to determine the outcome of elections in the United States.

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Starting October 20th, users who want to retweet posts containing incorrect posts will immediately see them pointing to credible information on the subject when they will be able to retweet it as well. The move is designed to make people pause and think.

Twitter says slowing down retweets of potentially misleading information, which is often an issue on the platform, has raised concerns even before the presidential elections. Tweets from US-based accounts with misleading information, including US political figures and more than 100,000 followers, will also come with additional warnings and restrictions.

“We expect this to further reduce the exposure of misleading information and encourage people to reconsider if they want to expand these tweets,” Twitter said.

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Changes to Twitter come a day after Facebook announced similar new restrictions ahead of the election, which is less than three weeks away. Voting is set to begin in some states soon. Social media companies have come under fire for failing to counter misinformation on their platforms and to prevent interference in previous election processes.

The ballot in the mail is going to new heights to counter Trump’s election campaign and his Republican ally’s electoral system and to question its integrity. Trump has also refused to promise a peaceful transfer of power if defeated, although both parties have rejected his comments and promised a peaceful transfer.

It is to be noted that Twitter is a favorite way of communicating for President Donald Trump, however, the social networking platform prohibits posts that manipulate or interfere in elections, and the platform already includes labels in tweets that include doctored media. There is a violation of the rules or misleading information is obtained about the poll or COVID-19.

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According to the blog post, from next week, people trying to retweet deserving posts with warning labels due to misleading information will be shown immediately.

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