Song ‘Sayonee’ gets ruined by the Indian T Series

Mumbai, 5th November: The Indian music company T-Series is in trouble after it remade a Pakistani song.

Baaghi TV: T Series is facing strong criticism for making a very bad remake of a popular Pakistani song ‘Sayyonee’ sung in the 1990s by Pakistan’s leading music band Junoon.

The T series had released a video of the remake of ‘Sayonee’ two days ago, which has been viewed more than 324,300 times so far, but it is being severely criticized.

The remake of the all-time popular song has been sung by Indian singer Arjit Singh.

The song is part of an Indian movie ‘Sayonee’ which is a romantic thriller.

Although the T-series has given credit to Pakistani song and the Junoon group, Pakistanis, as well as Indians, have harshly criticised the remake.


The song features Tanmay Singh, Muskan Sethi, Rahul Rai, Yograj Singh, Upasana Singh. It is co-directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta and Abhay Singhal. 

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