South Africa returns Indian Corona Vaccine after rendering it extremely harmful

South Africa returns Indian Corona Vaccine as it is not only ineffective but is extremely harmful. India had to face the embarrassment.

Like many countries in the world, South Africa refused to take the corona vaccine developed by India.According to a foreign news agency, when the Indian vaccine arrived in South Africa, when it was observed by the South African government, it was proved that the corona vaccine manufactured by India is not only defective but also has a very short lifespan.

According to details, the Modi government, which claims to have developed a corona virus vaccine, has been shocked. The South African government has refused to accept the locally produced corona virus vaccine in India as it is substandard and useless.

The International News Agency reported that South African government sources not only called the Indian coronavirus vaccine useless and substandard, but also said that the Indian vaccine had the shortest duration.Following this observation, South Africa announced the return of one million doses of the global pandemic corona vaccine imported from India.

It may be recalled that the corona virus vaccine developed by the Serum Institute of India was sold to South Africa, which was tested in a laboratory by the South African Ministry of Health, then the corona vaccine developed by India was rendered ineffective against the corona virus.

Earlier, India also faced global embarrassment when no country in the world was willing to take the corona vaccine for free.According to Indian media reports, out of 8.1 lakh doses of Covacin vaccine, a coronavirus vaccine developed by India, which India had promised to provide as aid to seven countries, and India’s first indigenous action against Covid 19. The vaccine was sent to Myanmar, Mongolia, Oman, Bahrain, Philippines, Maldives and Mauritius as a sign of goodwill.

It is also worth mentioning here that the corona virus has spread all over the world while India itself is the country most affected by Corona virus in Asia and  the epidemic of corona virus is increasing day by day instead of decreasing. The number of coronavirus cases daily has reached millions.

On the other hand, the ineffectiveness of the corona virus vaccine developed by the Serum Institute of India can be gauged from the fact that last month, Indian Health Minister Anil Vij administered an Indian-made vaccine. The virus was diagnosed in him.

It is also important to point out that the Javirus virus is being found in South Africa, where the British psoriasis vaccine has become ineffective, what is the status of the Indian vaccine there? The Indian vaccine is absolutely ineffective for the corona virus found in South Africa.

It should be noted that the vaccine produced by India is being questioned by health experts and medics worldwide and also by political opposition due to lack of information provided about it and its trial use.

Shortly afterwards, the Quixon was approved, developed by Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech in partnership with the state-run Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

The development of the corona virus vaccine was announced by India’s Drug Control General (DCGI) which was hailed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government as a “game changer” and a broader agenda to achieve the country’s “self-reliance”.

However, experts have expressed concern over the apparent hasty approval of the vaccine before the completion of the third phase of trial use or the publication of details about its efficacy. Indian officials said two months ago that the biotech vaccine was a backup of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which would be closely monitored and would only be used if it appeared that the coronavirus cases in the country were increasing.

India’s Drug Controller General VG Somani had earlier said that the use of the vaccine was “approved in the public interest as a precautionary measure and on a trial basis” to open up more avenues for the vaccine. “Especially when you’re exposed to a new type of virus.

But the All India Drug Action Network (AIDAN), an autonomous body overseeing the health sector, said in a statement that it was “shaken” by the approval of the vaccine. The agency urged the DGCI to reconsider its decision, but neither the review nor the shortcomings were revealed.

It may be recalled that it was only a matter of days before the agency had expressed “grave concerns” over the lack of data on the effectiveness of the vaccine. “There is no scientific basis for the claim that the vaccine will be effective in the event of a new strain of the virus,” the agency said.

AIDAN said in a statement: “The decision to approve a vaccine whose efficacy has not yet been completed, even if the whole process has been speeded up, It raises more questions than answers.” And it is possible that this will not increase confidence in our decision-making bodies in the field of science.

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