Status of Murree to be Upgraded

RAWALPINDI, August 19 (Online Int’l): The decision has been taken to upgrade the Tehsil Murree of District Rawalpindi giving it the status of sub-division.

According to media reports the number of police stations in Murree will be increased to 2 and number of police checkpoints will be increased to 4. The Kohsar University will also be established in September and Revenue office will also be upgraded.

On the other hand the government while declaring the beautiful and blessed with scenic beauty mountain range Panj Peer Rocks of Tehsil Kotli Sattian in Rawalpindi as a tourist destination has decided to open it next month for tourism. This mountain range is even higher then Murree, and the weather is cold even in June, July and August. While declaring the 50 sites of Kotli Sattian, Kahuta and New Murree as tourism destinations, the preparation of its master plan has been started.

Advisor to Chief Minister on Tourism Asif Mehmood and Chairman Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Tariq Murtaza has told media that Panj Peer Rocks is one of the highest mountain ranges in the world and has extreme natural scenes.

Rawal Dam, Neelum River, Mangla Dam, Azad Kashmir and Islamabad are clearly seen from these rocks, and here the students are making camping areas for scouts.

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