Stop making excuses Mushtaq


Mushtaq face the fact, and stop running round the bush, work on Yasir Shah to slow down his bowling action.

It would have been a better statement if you say that all our bowlers were unlucky, they beat the batsman so many times, England batsmanship was very disciplined, played correct book cricket.

Blaming the weather and strong wind are lame excuses.

I suggest you should work on Yasir Shah on these 3 points.

1. Slow down on finishing the over so quickly, relax and program your next ball on going back to your bowling start.

2. Release the leg break ball from 10 ‘o’ clock position. He releases the ball by his right ear, therefore the ball when released from his ear position, doesn’t get enough spinning finger pressure on the ball for revolation to bite the pitch surface to turn, therefore most of his leg break are straight through balls which doesn’t spin.

3. He balls at least 3 short balls which batsman plays on backfoot.

He must make them play forward and slightly slower with flight, which will make batsman play on forward, so there is chance of LBW, Bowled on googly. Stump, slip position, so many out decision he can get a batsman out with slightly slower and flighted delivery.

England as predicted by me that they would declare 40 mintues beforestump time, which is a surviving time, in which batsman become extra cautious, which actually tighten the body movement in the last hour of days play.

All 3 batsman again had no footwork.

They should have stood 1-1/2 foot outside their batting crease to minimise the swing in air and seam movement of pitch.

I think Batting coach should speak to their batsman to take new gaurd outside their crease to disturb the line and lenght of bowlers.

Our batsman must play with Full face of bat for ball to go in front of square.

In the end Full marks to Crawley and Butler for their excellent batsmanship.

Its time pakistan captain plays a captain inning to save pakistan from defeat.

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