Street Crime rises in the Federal Capital

Islamabad, 14th September: Street crime rises in the federal capital Islamabad, the US embassy has reported.

Baaghi TV: The US embassy in Islamabad has claimed that the rate of street crime has increased in the federal capital.

In this regard, the US Embassy has issued an advisory to its citizens, according to which most of the street crime incidents are taking place in Sectors G6, 7, F6, 7 and F10 of Islamabad.

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The US Embassy says that the crime rate in Sector I-9 and I-10 of Islamabad has also increased significantly.

According to the advisory, robberies, mobile and wallet snatching have increased in Islamabad while vehicles are also being snatched at gunpoint.

The US embassy instructed its citizens to be careful while travelling in different sectors of Islamabad. He said that they should not go out with valuables.

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It is to be noted that earlier Additional IG had a meeting with Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah in which the ongoing street crime and other incidents of crime in the city were discussed in detail.

It was said that powerful people support criminals, and these people are the ones who cause the release of these criminals.

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The Additional IG informed the Sindh Chief Minister that there are many drug addicts in the city. Drugs are bought with the money of crime.

If strict action is taken against such people, the crime graph will decrease and there will be a clear difference.

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