Strict action taken against a Foreign Airline

Islamabad, 16th October: Strict action has been taken against a foreign airline as the violation of SOPs is not tolerated.

According to reports, civil aviation took a major step against foreign airlines for violating SOPs.

According to sources, the civil aviation has fined the foreign airline for violating the SOPs announced for the coronavirus.

The senior joint secretary said that the CAA had imposed a fine of Rs 100,000 on Qatar Airways. The airline will also bear the coronavirus test of passengers and will be quarantined.

Civil Aviation had repeatedly warned airlines violating SOPs that they would face action for violations. The CAA had said that action would be taken against some airlines for not following flight precautions. ۔

Civil Aviation said some airlines were violating precautionary measures at airports and during flights and had issued written orders to all airport managers to take action.

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