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Suno Chanda’s Iqra Aziz Gets Engaged at the LSA’s

Karachi (8th July, 2019): Yasir Hussain proposes to Iqra Aziz during the Lux Style Awards (LSA’s) 2019.

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, actor and comedian, Yasir Hussain proposes to Suno Chanda‘s Iqra Aziz during LSAs 2019. It has been confirmed that Iqra Aziz has said yes.

The two have been public on social media since February of this year when they opened up about their relationship on Valentines day. Yasir Hussain posted this picture on his Instagram page to make things official.

Since then the two have had multiple posts dedicated to each other as a show of affection.

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According to Baaghi TV’s reports, Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz reportedly arrived together at the LSA’a in outfits that complimented each other and have taken the next step in their relationship. While there are those who loved the proposal, many are not happy about it.

Others are not seeing eye to eye with their followers.

One Twitter user has referred to the proposal as, “It’s so wannabe-ish, trying to ride the hollywood bandwagon and miserably failing”.

Another has resorted to sarcasm stating, “Welcome to Islamic Republic of Pakistan. ‘Islamic’ is missing these days in Pakistan so if you see it anywhere, please report it to those who still have an ounce of Imaan left”.

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One other Twitter user has referred to the post-proposal greetings as a welcoming of Allah’s punishment.

Yet another has shared his sentiments stating, that “this is not an occasion to be celebrated”.


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