Supreme Court allows which important personality to contest in Senate Elections?


According to Baaghi TV, the Supreme Court allowed Saifullah Abro to contest the Senate elections.

The court upheld the decision of the Sindh High Court and dismissed the disqualification petition. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad while talking to the lawyer said that the elections are going to be held tomorrow, after which disqualification can be challenged. There are court decisions that nomination papers can be challenged after the election.

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Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan remarked, “You have a way to file an election petition after the election.” Supreme Court rejects the lawyer’s plea to issue notice. The court remarked that there is an election tomorrow so the petition cannot be heard at this time. Applicants can also use other forums after the election.

A petition was filed in the Supreme Court against the decision of the Sindh High Court, citing Saifullah Abro. Earlier, Saifullah Abro had said in a petition filed in the Sindh High Court that the election tribunal had ignored the facts. I comply with the technocrat’s interpretation, he said. The petition seeks annulment of the decision of the Election Tribunal. The Sindh High Court had ruled in favor of Saifullah Abro.

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Earlier, the Election Tribunal on Monday (February 22nd) quashed the Returning Officer’s decision barring PTI leader Saifullah Abro from contesting the Senate elections and rejecting his nomination papers. In its decision, the tribunal said that the objections raised in the appeal against Saifullah Abro have been proved. Saifullah Abro does not meet the standards of technocrats.

It may be recalled that a petition was filed in the Election Tribunal against PTI candidate Saifullah Abro in Karachi. The petition, filed by Ghulam Mustafa, contended that Saifullah hid assets in the nomination papers and that Saifullah Abro’s assets had suddenly multiplied. NAB cases were also pending against him. The petitioner maintained that the Returning Officer had accepted Saifullah’s nomination papers without hearing them.

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It is to be noted that the PTI leaders had expressed serious reservations over giving a Senate ticket to Saifullah Abro. Khurram Sherzaman had expressed reservations that Saif Abro joined the PTI in 2018 and instead of giving tickets to those who have been serving the party for years, gave tickets to a person who was a close associate of the PPP.

It may be recalled that Saifullah Abro was heavily accused by Liaquat Jatoi of giving him a Senate ticket and it was said that the ticket was sold for Rs. 35 crore. While the party has issued notice, Saifullah Abro has filed a claim for damages.

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