Suspected suicide bombing in Indonesia

Jakarta March 28 2021: A cathedral in Indonesia was rocked on Sunday by what is suspected to be a suicide bomb.

The explosion happened at around 10.30am local time and comes at the commencement of the Holy Week celebrations and left at least one person dead and several critically injured.

According to South Sulawesi police chief Merdisyam, it is a suspected suicide bombing and the identity of the bomber is as yet unconfirmed. The images from the scene show a motorbike trying to enter the premises without permission and later, body parts strewn across the area.

This isn’t the first time a church has been attacked in the Muslim majority country, a similar incident occurred in 2018 in Surabaya and the family of suicide bombers in that incident belonged to a local extremist network, Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD), which has pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

The video footage shows body parts strewn across the parking space and the area was later cordoned off by the police. The incident occurred on the morning of the Palm Sunday congregation that marks the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and a week before Easter.

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