#TambaquNoshi_Zehar_Qatil Trends on Twitter

#TambaquNoshi_Zehar_Qatil (#تمباکونوشی_زہر_قاتل) the ongoing campaign against smoking has reached the next stage, turning into a top Twitter trend.

Users tweeted on social networking website Twitter regarding the dangers of smoking, which resulted in #TambaquNoshi_Zehar_Qatil becoming a top trend in Pakistan. A campaign is underway in collaboration with Chromatic and Baaghi TV against smoking, with more than 40 blogs against smoking being published on Baaghi TV in the first phase.

Now in the next phase, users in large tweeted and expressed their feelings over the harms of smoking.

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83 billion cigarettes are made in Pakistan each year. A large number of those who consume them are the youth, which is 63% of our population.

Pakistan is allowed to make cigarettes because the industry benefits the economy, however, there is more harm to it than loss. While it’s true the industry may create jobs for people, one has to realize that it’s a double-edged sword since it’s harming those who will lead it in the future, the youth, and the government needs to impose a tax on it.

Smoking is destroying the future of young people and older people alike. It is responsible for 170,000 deaths every year by smoking. We must take a stand and take care of our nation.

One user on Twitter said that there can be many reasons for smoking, the top of which is depression. Sometimes children get addicted to smoking due to parental negligence and poor upbringing.

Another user tweeted how students succumb to peer pressure in universities and fall victim to the habit, which results in chain-smoking. Many Twitter users came together and highlighted the dangers of smoking.

Smoking is dangerous and addictive. It is the cause of painful, life-threatening diseases like cancer. The government needs to focus on other industries other than this which is causing such severe harm to the youth, which is also the future of our nation.


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