Taylor Swifts re-records her hits and comes back with a bang!

New York: Taylor Swift fans rejoice as the singer re-records and releases one of her most beloved albums, 2012’s “Red.”

It is an enigma though, as to why such a famous singer needs to re-record her songs even while releasing many new songs recently.  The reason is that the singer doesn’t own the recordings of the songs on “Red,” which includes the hit songs, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” “22”.

By re-recording her old songs, Swift can reclaim control over her masters.  It not only increases Swift’s streams and sales, but it also gives her control over her work.
Swift didn’t own her masters because, when a recording artist signs with a label, the standard legal arrangement grants the record company ownership of the copyrights of the recordings. This is commonly known as a “master.” She still got a big chunk out of the recordings though.
Having ownership of her work is also deeply personal to Swift.
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