Terrorist movement of Gulen threat for Turkey: Tologa Choke

Karachi, 14 July: Turkey Consul general in Karachi Tolga Ucak has stated that the terrorist movement of Fethullah Gulen was a threat for Turkey and other countries sovereignty.

He praised the apex court decision of declaring Gulen movement a terrorist organization. He stated that unobjectionable evidences had affirmed that Gulen was involved in the failed coup attempt in Turkey.
He expressed these views during the third anniversary of failed coup attempt in Turkey at his residence on. He stated that on 15 July 2016, a coup d’état was successfully countered and added whole Turkey wouldn’t forget this historic movement. He reiterated that more than 251 people were martyred and 2000 injured in struggle to make coup attempt failed.
He also lauded the friendship of Pakistan and Turkey and added that this history of Pak-Turkish relations is a story cooperation and brotherhood. Moreover, he stated that Turkey was starving hard for the welfare of education in Pakistan. “Pakistan-Turk Foundation had handed over more than 30 schools to foundation” he added.

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