Thursday, September 28

Terrorists caught in India for possessing Uranium but our media is offloading Sharif family


Lahore, 11th May: Another Pakistani social media personality speaks out against the case of radioactive substance found by street criminals in India.

Amber Danish is an influencer and vlogger is known for standing up for greater causes.

This time the philanthropist said that in India, a dangerous substance like uranium has fallen into the hands of terrorists, while on the other hand, our media is supporting the Sharif family.

Amber Danish points out in her vlog that the world is in danger if this uranium falls into the hands of terrorists then the destruction of the world and innocent lives is certain.


She also says that the media around the world is acting responsibly on this occasion while our media is trying to cover up the faults of the Sharif family as if the sole purpose of our lives.

Ms. Danish expressed in her vlog that the world has been shaken by the incidents of extremist Hindus in India but our media is poisoning here in Pakistan for the pleasure of one caste.

In India, terrorists got hold of a radioactive substance and the authorities around the world are thinking about how to curb the situation, whereas, our media in Pakistan is highlighting the good deeds done by the Sharif family.

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