The Beasts of Buchenwald: The wounds that never heal

The bombing of Dressden was actually the Nazi failure to the allies  cruelty.

Out of a whole series of incessant killing spree I see the Auschwitz gas killings, the Dressden bombing and the the bombing of Japan with napalm as most horrific. 

The extriminatory killings were scaled up to an unparalleled ghastly and biblical proportions.

It all started with the Hitler’s anti Bolshevik agenda. First a part of his political campaign and then became the hallmark of his Government when he became the fuhrer. Goebbels was handed the task to actually make the Jews look as the bad guys. They were seen as a race which had brought humiliation to Nazis during the Russian wars. Hitler bore strong anti-sentiment against the Jews from the very outset this culminated into the steady extermination of the Jews.

The Jews were strong economically. The ones who were the doctors, the scientists, the business people. A pathological hatred was brewing among the Nazis. An all out effort was afoot to cleanse Germany of the Jews. Hence an all out war which was declared within the country against its people who had lived there for years. Their shops were raided, homes attacked, women raped. Goebbels was the propaganda minister who was always seen lying through his teeth.

He lied. lied and lied. He was entrusted with this abominable task of slowly eradicating them. From all parts, they were hauled up and being transported to the concentration camps. The conditions here were appalling… these were mainly six in all. The Buchenwald, Auschwitz in Poland and others to name a few. They were known as the ‘Beasts of the Buchenwald’, as one historian puts it. One of the survivors of the concentration camps, Mark, reveals how he got saved miraculously while he lost the rest of his family.

This was particularly terrifying, he worked as a garbage cart boy. Tells a story about a pregnant woman. She confided in him, he remembers carrying the newly born in his cart and burying it alive. If the Nazis had known they would have have killed the woman instantaneously. The dehumanizing act was limitless. They were gassed, some skinned for the Generals wife who wanted her book covers made of human skin. It was shocking. Even when the matter was reported it was deemed as the propaganda of the Allied forces. This came to light when American troops got there. The American and British commanders came there to see the charred bodies and their remains. This was a horrific and a horrendous sight. The Generals threw up. It was filmed and news sent across the globe.

The atrocities perpetrated now were an open secret. They were being condemned world wide. 6 million Jews were killed.

The bombing of Germany was carried out by General Harris, a British General of the bomber squad, who was absolutely ruthless and he wouldn’t care. Dreseden is a southern city in Germany which is full of art and culture. The tourists thronged this area and sought immense pleasure, particularly the educated class and the art lovers would go and see the place. There was least likelihood that anything nasty would happen there.

To end the world war 2, the British had planned bombing of Germany and they selected Dressden. The civilians are usually spared of bombings which is a usual norm in war times but, Harris wanted to send ripples through those innocent people in a push to bring the Germans on to their knees virtually finishing war, and so the bomber squad went ahead with their destructive plan.

They left for Germany on a cold winter night. They were there in the dead of the night ready to rain bombs on Dressden city. Aĺl hell broke loose. There were these incendiary bombs they used to wreak havoc. The buildings were on fire. The mild wind helped fire suck in more Oxygen. The conflagration gutted almost the entire area.

25,000 men were believed to have been killed. There would not be a more tragic war riven and a ravaged city going up in flames, reducing to a rubble. How devastating it might be for those who were subjected to such a callous and barbaric attack?

Churchill was certainly ill at ease. He did not want to take the blame for this reprehensible onslaught of Dressden. The blame was eventually shifted on Harris, but does this in any way absolve Churchill or his compatriots for doing what they did, especially where the innocents are made to bear the brunt of other people’s follies.

The subhuman treatment of the humans humans, the very fine creation of God deserve better in all fairness.

The fate of Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir is no less than the unfortunate victims of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. It is over a year that those poor Kashmiris are languishing in those concentration camps in this day and age. The fight against tyranny is the only justification of war. This might be an unseemly thing to say but the champions of the world, who are also the arsenal of the world democracy seem absolutely unmoved. The timely intervention of our foreign minister is a bold step being able to breathe in a free world because all lives matter. Its not about black or white.

The fight against tyranny is the only justification of war. This might be an unseemly thing to say but the champions of the world, who are also the arsenal of the world democracy seem absolutely unmoved.

Mian Haroon Masood Political Leader, Pakistan


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